My name is Paul D Hinds and I am running for Ohio State Senate. I am a Libertarian, and I became one because I felt that the Republicans were getting too carried away with controlling our lives and telling us what to think and do, yet the Democrats had a very consistent message that they wanted to keep telling us how to spend our own money. It didn’t matter which party you looked at, they both just keep spending and spending.

Recognizing they both had problems spending, and watching how our state and country have been evolving, I became extremely uncomfortable with the status quo.  I was constantly saying how someone needed to fix our government, and represent us, not special interests.  And then I realized something so revolutionary, yet so simple; I am somebody, you are somebody, we all are somebody.  We can all fix this if we stand together and fight for Liberty.

I have never run for a public office before, but both the state, and the federal government are out of control. Someone needs to stop this, and I realized if they are going to keep arguing about my life and how I should behave, I wanted to be represented in the discussion. I am running for Ohio Senate because I want to put the decision of how your life is lived back into your hands, not a bunch of lawyers down in Columbus.

This campaign is not about me.  It’s about us, We The People.  It’s time to send a message back to the Statehouse to tell them they are not our rulers, they are our employees.  If you choose this campaign to do that, I would be humbled beyond belief, and I would not forget what my job will be when I get there.