As with any political campaign, we are actively seeking donations to help get our message to others just like you.  Your money will be used to help send mailings to voters, and to spread our message of Liberty.  Please take just a second to visit our online donation database and donate $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or even $10 to the fight for liberty.

This battle cannot be won unless people know that they do have a choice in November.  We are not an alternate choice, we are the best choice.

Contribute Now

Contributions are important to us because we need to be able to order brochures that can be handed out when Paul, and the rest of our team, are walking neighborhoods spreading the message of liberty.  We need to be able to afford phone lines to call those we couldn’t reach on their doorstep.  We need to have the ability to purchase items for fundraising and name recognition.

Your contribution, whether for $1,000 or just $5 will be used wisely by our team to help reach more people just like you to let them know they’re not alone in their beliefs.  Not everyone believes the government should be able to control every aspect of our lives.

Donations of up to $50 per individual qualify for an income tax credit of an equal amount!  That means by saving your receipt from donation, when you file your 2012 state taxes, just by donating to a candidate of the Ohio General Assembly or other state-wide office, you will get up to $50 dollars back from the donation you make towards Liberty.  If you would like more information on this, it can be found in the Ohio Revised Code 5747.29


Thank you again for donating toward liberty.  Please visit our volunteer page to help us in other ways as well!

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